Adroite is a full service communications and public relations company. We work closely with our clients to develop, preserve and enhance their reputations. We're based in Wellington, with clients based all over the country.

Our strengths include strategic counsel, reputation and issues management, investment and financial communications, media relations, stakeholder management, government relations and public affairs, public information programmes, and event management. Organisations experiencing crisis management issues, both externally and in-house, seek our commonsense and practical advice.

Adroite’s writing skills ensure our clients’ communications are current, accurate, timely and well-targeted to their intended audiences.

Our clients have said they are impressed at the range of skills Adroite can offer. We work closely with them to help provide both strategic direction as well as giving hands-on tactical support with strong attention to detail. We not only work closely with and report to our clients’ key decision makers, but also we use our strong teamwork skills to work alongside an organisation’s other communications professionals.

We enjoy working with public and private companies – big, mid-size and small; industry associations, professional services firms, the government sector, and we have a number of not-for-profit clients.

Adroite is a member of the Public Relations Institute of New Zealand (PRINZ).


Latest News . . .

We're already into 2017

Happy new year, we hope that 2017 has started well for you. 

We are already back at work, earlier than expected because of Wellington's rubbish summer - did we say that?! We're always very truthful at Adroite. No doubt summer will arrive just as we knuckle down to the year ahead.

And what a year it will be. We already have new clients on board with some very interesting projects, as well as working hard for our faithful clients with whom we have worked for many years.

For those of you out of Wellington, enjoy this lovely summer.

The Adroite team

Merry Christmas

Cobbler's children come to mind when we think of our website - we will try to do better next year in keeping it up-to-date. The upside is that we're so busy with new clients and projects, we don't think enough about our website. Hopeless!

This year, instead of sending Christmas cards/gifts to our lovely clients and others we work with, we gave a donation to the Wellington City Mission's Star appeal; you can see the Adroite Star stamped on the Wellington Waterfront near Te Papa.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a safe and happy 2017.

The Adroite team




On 8 June the finalists for the New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults were announced, read the news release here. We are honoured to be working with the New Zealand Book Awards Trust and the New Zealand Book Council on these Awards once again. The winners will be announced in Wellington on Monday, 8 August.

We are also busy with a comprehensive publishing programme for our lovely long-standing client NZ LAW Limited - newsletters, e-newsletters and new editions of two new books that they will distribute to their large client network.

As well, we have a new national client who is based in Auckland, More on them when we've actually done something!



In April, UK publishers Persephone Books republished Robin Hyde's 'The Godwits Fly'. Not only is it wonderful to see a New Zealand novel being more available to an international audience, but also we're thrilled that through Adroite's efforts the endpapers are a copy of a textile by 98-year-old Wellington artist and textile designer Avis Higgs. See her website here, which we project managed. 

Earlier this year we worked alongside NZ CA Ltd in its sponsorship of the 2016 Dairy Business of the Year; the winners will be announced in June.

And we're currently working on a campaign for a business promoting health and wellbeing, as well as having our heads down on a variety of projects for clients all over New Zealand. 


Happy New Year

We hope you've had a great start to 2016 and had a summer good break.

Adroite is now open for the year and, although still eying the beach, bikes and our glorious summer, we've already rolled our sleeves up and are immersed in work. We have new projects on the go, as well as continuing our ongoing work for our excellent current clients.

If you're keen to review your organisation's communications objectives, or have a new project planned, please be in touch. Simply click here for our contact details.



Is it summer yet is the big question for us based in Wellington? Working in Auckland this month, the warm temperatures of the balmy north certainly confirmed summer is well on its way.

We are all flat out with a new communications project that has just landed on our collective desks, finalising some communications for a Christchurch client, and more business development work all over the country.



We continued our work with Booksellers NZ on its very first NZ Bookshop Day. Despite it being on the same date as the Rugby World Cup final (Saturday, 31 October) and there being little air available for anything OTHER than rugby, we were very pleased our hard work paid off with excellent media on tv, radio, print and particularly on social media. At one point on the Saturday, NZ Bookshop Day was trending #1 on Twitter, a mighty resulting considering!

As well we were working hard on a number of projects for our corporate clients - a major feedback project, a number of reputation management issues for several clients, client communications strategies and the subsequent implementation of those, as well as our regular comms/business development work.



We've had a busy mid-year with many projects on the go, with two particular highlights.

We established a broad media and communications plan for a professional services organisation which had excellent results and they were very pleased. We continue to work with this very fine group of people.

The New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults 2015 winners were announced in August. Congratulations to Mandy Hager for Singing Home the Whale (published by Random House NZ) who won the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year Award.



Cobbler's children come to mind in terms of updating our site . . . we're so busy ensuring our clients' sites and communications are up-to-date that our own sometimes goes onto the back burner.

We've new clients and new projects on the go this year. Today HoneyLab had a fantastic piece on Breakfast.

We've been contracted to do the publicity for this year's New Zealand Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. The winners will be announced on 13 August in Wellington.

We've been overwhelmed at the publicity we've obtained for Sir Miles Warren's book Ohinetahi: Garden, House & Art. Fantastic reviews and features have been published in The Press, NZ House & Garden, NZ Gardener, Architecture NZ and many more and there are still more to come - both here in New Zealand and offshore. Needless to say the book is flying off the shelves and the garden has had a major spike in visitor numbers. 

We've developed communications strategies for a number of clients, and we're now working with them to make it all happen. There are a lot of fun times ahead.

On the business development front, we're working closely with a South Island CA firm, a large professional services group as well as a major law firm in the Auckland region. We continue to work hard for our current clients in their communications, public relations which all help to develop their businesses.



Happy New Year, we hope that 2015 is a good (and profitable!) one for your and your business. We're already off to a busy start with a number of continuing projects, as well as some new exciting prospects.

If you'd like to talk with us about any communications, public relations or business development projects (or simply your ideas), please be in touch with any of us, just click here



Christmas and summer are now firmly on the horizon.

But before we indulge ourselves we're busy helping to launch Sir Miles Warren's new book on his superb Governors Bay garden. 'Ohinetahi: Garden House and Art' is now in good bookstores. A wonderful read that will delight gardeners, art lovers, architects and anyone who wants to know more about what makes Sir Miles tick.

We've also published some primary sector-focused material, we're working on a client's business development plan, promoting some Christmas cheer at Eastgate Shopping Centre in Christchurch and a lot more.



Some time to gather ourselves after the flurry with the New Zealand Post Book Awards. We were busy publishing client newsletters and magazines (online and hard copy), working with clients on reputation management issues, as well as several business development projects for some professional services firms.

This is something we need to blow our trumpet about a bit more. The Adroite team has significant experience in developing marketing and business development initiatives for lawyers, accountants and other professional service firms. Having all worked in professional services firms ourselves for many years, we understand the way these firms work and - more importantly - how their clients think and what they need from their professional advisers. If you'd like to know more about how we can help your firm, please be in touch with Adrienne.



This month we were busy finalising all the New Zealand Post Book Awards 2014 reporting to the Book Awards Governance Group (BAGG). We were thrilled (and so were the sponsors and BAGG) that Adroite more than doubled the number of clippings/coverage from 2013, together with achieving a huge rise in the advertising sales rate. 

New Zealand Post's Group Brand & Sponsorship Manager, Nicola Airey, said that Adroite delivered "Our best PR ever across both Awards." 

We loved working with everyone. And congratulations to Jill Trevelyan who won the New Zealand Post Book of the Year with 'Peter McLeavey: The life and times of a New Zealand art dealer" published by Te Papa Press.


Later on in August

We're delighted to be working with Chantelle, Paris, a global leader in French lingerie and Susan Brown Ltd to assist its fashion media profile and sales development in New Zealand. Channtelle and Passionata (also made by Chantelle) produce exquisite lingerie (actually quite divine). Both brands have been sold in New Zealand since 2006.

Ed very much enjoyed the PRINZ course held recently in Auckland: Stakeholder Engagement and Reputation Management. "These courses are fantastic, they give you an opportunity to think more innovatively and creatively. I enjoyed every minute," says Ed.

This coming Friday is National Poetry Day and we had Auckland poet, Michele Leggott, on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon on Tuesday, 19 August talking about her latest poetry book 'Heartland' which is a finalist in the Poetry category for the New Zealand Post Book Awards and also about her poetry and life in general. A simply lovely interview by Kathryn Ryan. Listen to Michele talking here


Early August

We're enjoying the build-up to the New Zealand Post Book Awards 2014, with the winner of the Book of the Year to be announced in Wellington on Wednesday, 27 August. 



If you believe in the power of words, in a message that makes a difference, watch this clip - change your words, change your world. And we can help you do that.

(And we know this in an unashamed advert, but still we like it.)

Edward attended the Retirement Village Association conference last month. A former executive director of the RVA, Ed caught up  on key issues affecting this massive 'lifestyle' sector. The conference message was crystal clear - there has never been a stronger need for public relations in the retirement village sector. The Retirement Commissioner, Diane Maxwell, and the editor of the New Zealand Herald, Shayne Currie, both stressed the value of first-class communications and client care. If you'd like this for your retirement village, please be in touch with Ed.



The New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults are now over - our congratulations to all the winners, particularly Vasanti Unka who won the Margaret Mahy New Zealand Book of the Year Award for "The Boring Book'.  According to Nielsens' data, sales of children/young adult books increased four-fold over the period of the winners' announcement. We're very proud to have played our part in that sales spike.

And now we're preparing for the New Zealand Post Book Awards, the Best First Book Awards will be made on 16 July, the finalists will be announced on 23 July and the winners on 27 August.



We are always keen to make sure our clients' communications are jargon and typo-free, and that they give clear messages to your chosen audiences. We're pleased then to see this on Stuff today, click here. If you want your annual reports, client communications, website and other documents to be clear, concise, easy to read and resonate with the people you're wanting to communicate with - you know where to come. Just contact Adrienne or Ed. We'd love to hear from you.

This week (13 May) Booksellers NZ has blogged about the Prince George books. Click here to read more about this lovely story and Adroite's role in making this happpen. 

We're very pleased to welcome Edward Richards to the Adroite team. Based in Auckland, Edward will be working closely with Adrienne to further develop Adroite's footprint in the City of Sails. 

To read more about Edward, click here



We've been working hard all year on the New Zealand Post Book Awards for Children and Young Adults, the finalists of which were announced on 8 April. Media coverage has been fantastic with the story being picked up all over the world - Australia, England, Scotland and of course here. To read more about the finalists and the gift of the five Picture Book finalists to Prince George, click here.  



In mid-March we launched a video on the work of acclaimed architect Sir Miles Warren and his work at the University of Canterbury's oldest hall of residence, College House. Sir Miles won a New Zealand Institute of Architects' Gold Medal in 1969  and the NZIA Enduring Award in 1999 for his work at CH. To view the video, click here

Directed by Adrienne Olsen, 'A Conversation with Sir Miles Warren: The Architecture of College House' was produced by CH alumnus and award-winning film-maker Seung-woo Hong. Enjoy.



Huge congratulations to our client, Simpson Western, the North Shore's largest law firm, on its recent win in a landmark intellectual property case in the High Court for its client InterCity Coachlines. Working closely with a senior barrister, SW's Brian Stewart and Peter Hall successfully brought a claim against InterCity's main competitor, Naked Bus. To read more about this click here


And in 2013 . . .

Late last year, after a very long gestation period, we published The Closing Chapter - A practical guide to help deal with the death and estate of close family or friends. Commissioned by our long-standing client, NZ LAW Limited, this is the third in NZ LAW's family of useful and practical books available to clients of member firms, see here for more details.

November was a sad month for us at Adroite. Friend, illustrator and wonderful Wellingtonian, Scott Kennedy died on 6 November. Scott (and sometimes Donna) has illustrated Fineprint since 1996, deftly coming up with fanastic and quirky ideas to illustrate rather dry topics, and sometimes with (our) tight deadlines. Thank you Scott for being so much fun to work with, you're one out of the box. Donna, we're thinking of you.

October was National Punctuation Month (or maybe it's just in the US but never mind). Over the past few weeks we've seen many gripes online about incorrect punctuation and poor grammar. Don't let us get started on our daily battle with apostrophes (or, as some of our clients would write, apostrophe's), double spaces after a full stop, mixing tenses (what are those?) and a myriad of other annoyances for the pedantic.

The upside of all this is that at Adroite we get those things right. If you'd like us to review any of your work for typos, grammar, suitability to your audience and just generally making sense - please be in touch.

We've been working with a client in Christchurch to make a DVD on the work of one of New Zealand's leading architects. A great deal of fun, despite the hard work. We plan on this going online early next year.

And a little taste of other interesting things we've done this year, only the tip of the iceberg . . .

NZDDA (New Zealand Drug Detection Agency) hosted the Associate Minister of Health, the Hon Todd McClay, who opened their Welington office on 30 July.

"It was a fantastic night you put together, really well done." Chris Hilson, chief executive, NZ Drug Detection Agency

Mid-year Adrienne presented a paper at the Aviation Industry Association's conference in Dunedin on "Media - keeping your head in a crisis".

In late June Christchurch's College House launched its sparkling new website. We were consultants for the website development, click here to see. 

"Such good work and again, many thanks for your leadership and excellent work with our new project." Laraine Sharr, Principal, College House.

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